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Why time is our most precious commodity

Brian Esposito, founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, joins 'The ModGolf Podcast' host Colin Weston to share how he helps web3 sport and entertainment tech companies succeed

"The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston first met Brian Esposito on a HYPE Sports Innovation "Ask Me Anything" webinar. Weston was impressed with how Esposito, founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, had a genuine desire to help entrepreneurs and their companies.

"I have a simple rule with what I built," Esposito says. "When they're my companies, it's my ass on the line, so it's my rules. But when they are other peoples' companies, like the great startups that I get to work with, its their vision, their passion. I'm there to support them and be a turnkey resource for whatever needs to be done, a utility player.

"I know what they need because I needed it for most of my career and I didn't have it. So it's very rewarding for me now to take all of my learning experiences and help guide these companies to success and be a complete soundboard and resource for them and keep it fun for them."

Esposito joins Weston on "The ModGolf Podcast" to discuss a wide range of emerging tech topics.

[2:30] Esposito talks about his connectivity to golf and his first golf experience
[4:20] On what he and his team have built with Esposito Intellectual Enterprises and what motivates him to help founders create sustainable businesses
[8:30] Esposito on the future of web3, blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency, using Devour, a web3 food ordering and delivery marketplace, as a case study
[11:45] Esposito on his investment in Virtual Stax, where people can buy virtual playing card assets of athletes who are already famous or are just getting their careers off the ground
[17:30] How professional sport leagues are focusing on increasing fan engagement in a web3 environment, the learning curve they face and what is needed for them to succeed
[20:45] Esposito on his investment in Metasport Arena, where you create, trade, collect and play in the first sports and entertainment virtual world as part of a community competing to build the best city
[27:00] How the PGA Tour, LIV Golf, LPGA and golf entertainment venues can tap into the potential of web3 to engage both existing and new fans
[30:30] Thoughts on LIV Golf — what is it they are doing right, have gotten wrong and what they need to do to create a sustainable business
[34:30] How LIV Golf, as a startup, has the ability to be nimble and quick in the creation of digital assets as compared to a legacy company like the PGA Tour

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