The ModGolf Podcast

Finding clarity through action

Swingtweaks co-founder Steve Madden joins host Colin Weston to share the entrepreneurial lessons he has learned through the golf industry

Steve Madden played golf for the first time five years ago. He was addicted, as evidenced by his grinding "away at the range over 60 times that winter, hitting balls until my hands bled," he says.

Then he decided he "wanted to create a lifestyle, or a job where I could golf and do my own thing tech-wise.” says Madden, who helped co-found Swingtweaks, an app that allows golfers to, well, tweak their games through instructional videos.

Madden joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss his golf obsession, his journey and the experiences he has learned along the way.

[3:00] Steve Madden tells of how quickly he picked up the game
[4:20] Madden unravels the tale of a rugby-playing lad from Ireland becoming a tech entrepreneur in Calgary, Canada, by way of Vietnam
[5:20] Madden talks about his first golf experience and who invited him to try the game
[6:50] Madden presents the "elevator pitch" for Swingtweaks
[9:10] The rise in popularity of golf lesson and training technology ventures such as
[10:05] The Swingtweaks backstory and a-ha moment
[12:45] The company's business model, user experience, value proposition and customer profiles
[16:40] How the company name Swingtweaks came to be and the concept of users purchasing tweaks
[18:45] How the company generates revenue and how it developed the pricing model cost per tweak
[22:00] Swingtweaks' strategy to acquire new users, retain/engage existing ones and how it incentivizes PGA Teaching Professionals to join the platform
[27:00] Madd shares stories of satisfied users and the most unexpected places around the world that golfers are using Swingtweaks
[28:30] Swingtweaks' future plans and where expansion will occur next
[30:50] Madden shares positive user experiences and how it is building community on Instagram and Reddit

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