The ModGolf Podcast

The quest to amplify fan engagement

Preston Philips, a venture partner with Cerro Capital, joins host Colin Weston to share his quest to leverage technology that enhances the fan and player experience

Preston Phillips is a sports fan and enjoys being part of the experience and the process.

"In the case of new sports that are coming of age, I enjoy being in the middle of it and really understand how we can connect the dots through our support of sport technology ventures," said Phillips, a venture partner with Cerro Capital. "I love feeling closer to these sports, either by participating in them or just tagging along for the fan ride."

Phillips joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss the convergence of technology and the sporting experience.

[3:00] On his connection to playing golf and who introduced him to the game
[4:40] An overview of his role in the sports technology and fan experience space with WhiteRock and Cerro Capital
[8:30] Thoughts on the LIV Golf / PGA Tour / PIF agreemnt and what opportunities are there to enhance the fan experience
[13:00] The value of team golf events, using the success of both cricket and rugby as validators of where pro golf should expand
[14:50] Ventures that Cerro Capital has invested in, including Religion of Sports
[18:30] The future of "location-based sports," such as the TGL created by Rory McIlroy's and Tiger Woods' TMRW Sports and the PGA Tour
[20:40] How Phillips believes golf can innovate more and which sports can golf learn from in that regard
[27:00] The ascending value of women's sport leagues and franchises, along with the women-led companies that Phillips
[30:00] The popularity of mixed pro sports events with women and men competing together and the opportunity for pro golf to do more of those events
[31:30] Where will sport experiences be in 10 to 15 years time

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