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ClubFace-Golf creates an engaging space for like-minded golfers

CEO Paul McEldon joins host Colin Weston to share how his team envisions the 'Facebook for golfers'

One day, Paul McEldon struck up a conversation with his golf club's general manager. He asked how he could connect with other club members to arrange a match.

"And his answer was perfect — perfectly bad, but perfectly good," McEldon recalls. "He said 'Paul, take yourself to the car park. When you see somebody putting their bag in the car, don't speak to them because they finished. When you see them taking it out, go and have a word with them and ask if you can join them. I thought, 'Wow, OK, we're paying 3,000 pounds a year to be a member of a golf club. There has to be a better way for this to happen.'"

That discussion was the genesis for ClubFace-Golf, a social network just about golf, for golf and only golf — or a "Facebook for golfers," said McEldon, the company's CEO, who joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss the website's evolution.

[3:00] On Paul McEldon and host Colin Weston meeting for the first time in London
[4:10] McEldon shares his first golf experience, which curiously involves a dog
[6:10] McEldon details his professional background and experience that led up to the start of his entrepreneurial journey and the launch of ClubFace-Golf
[8:40] What ClubFace-Golf is, the value it creates for the users and why McEldon is so passionate about this venture
[13:30] The value of aligning with investors and partners that embrace the vision of what is being created
[18:20] ClubFace-Golf's growth and monetization strategy.
[20:20] How ClubFace-Golf strikes the balance between moderating the conversations and posts while not influencing the content's narrative
[21:20] The size of ClubFace-Golf's community and the global breakdown of user location
[23:30] Scaling the business model with the launch of ClubFace-Cricket, ClubFace-Football, ClubFace-Gyms and others
[27:50] The importance of ensuring that ClubFace-Golf is a safe space with zero tolerance for abuse, bullying or derogatory behavior

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