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You are the CEO of your life

Claude Brousseau, director of player development at The Wailea Golf Academy, joins host Colin Weston for an inspirational conversation about golf and life

Claude Brousseau is playing the long game in life.

"I grew up in the small little town, 500 people in the middle of nowhere," he says. "What matters the most is not where you start, it's where you go and how much you enjoy the process of realizing 'Wow, life is good.'"

Today, Brousseau is a PGA Master Professional and director of player development at The Wailea Golf Academy in Maui, Hawaii. "I live by investing 86,400 seconds per day to obtain the highest ROI possible on fulfillment and mindfulness. My purpose in this life is to make a difference in other people's lives," he says.

Brousseau joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss life and golf in no particular order.

[2:30] Claude Brousseau shares his first golf experience and talks of the person who invited him to put a club in his hands
[4:30] Growing up in a small rural town in Quebec, Canada, and his "first life: as an ICU nurse in Florida
[6:40] Brousseau's golf mini tour experience in Florida and how that led to the start of his teaching career
[9:45] Ending up in Maui and the supportive people who helped shape his approach to teaching
[14:30] Lessons learned and experiences acquired as a nurse that Brousseau applies to teaching his diverse group of students
[16:50] Brousseau elaborates on his approach to spending the 86,400 seconds that each day gifts us
[19:30] A "Day in The Life" of Claude Brousseau
[27:00] The influence that mentors, such as business tycoon Anthony von Mandl, have on Brousseau's outlook on life
[30:00] "Learn to listen, as opportunity sometimes knocks very softly," Jackson Brown
[32:15] Brousseau's teaching philosophy and approach to golf learning, training and improvement
[36:30] What a personal teaching experience with Brousseau would look like


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