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The rise of golf in Uganda

Isaiah Mwesige, CEO of the Afriyea Golf Academy, joins host Colin Weston to tell the story of golf in his native land

Golf and Uganda are two nouns not often used together, but Isaiah Mwesige is working to change that.

Mwesige is CEO of the Afriyea Golf Academy and he's going about growing the game a bit differently. "There are few young people who are playing the game, however the Afriyea Golf Academy has been able to change the status quo and make a difference," Mwesige said. "We believe in taking the game to where people are rather than bringing people to where golf is."

Mwesige joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss how the academy came to be and how it's slowly making a difference.

[2:50] When Isaiah Mwesige was introduced to golf and the person who invited him
[4:50] Transitioning from caddying to playing at the Toro Club in western Uganda
[6:00] Aha moment that led to the creation of the Afriyea Golf Academy
[8:20] Current state of golf in Uganda and how Mwesige is working to change it for the better
[10:50] Early days of the Afriyea Golf Academy and how it attracted kids to join the program
[14:20] Growth of the Afriyea Golf Academy since launching in 2020
[16:45] Fundraising, partnerships, donations and equipment needs to make the academy sustainable
[18:40] How the Afriyea Golf Academy is scaling across Uganda and into other African countries
[20:10] Outreach programs, demonstrations and clinics that introduce golf to rural communities.
[22:15] The future for Ugandan golf — more courses, elite level players and career opportunities
[23:40] Afriyea Golf Academy success stories
[25:15] Mwesige's hopes for the future of Ugandan golf in 5/10/20 years


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