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Storyteller Danielle Tucker talks golf and a 25-plus-year radio career

The Hawaii-based host of 'The Golf Club Radio Show' joins host Colin Weston to share tales of her more than quarter century in journalism and how her show has evolved

Danielle Tucker was a golf podcaster before podcasting was even a thing. For over a quarter century every Saturday from her studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tucker's "The Golf Club Radio Show" has showcased golf industry leaders and media members from around the world.

Tucker joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to talk about her career, the evolution of golf and lessons learned along the way.

[2:30] Danielle Tucker provides an overview of "The Golf Club Radio Show"
[4:50] Tucker shares her first golf experience and who introduced her to the game
[9:45] How Tucker ended up in Hawaii by way of New York and London
[13:00] Tucker's early years of her journalism career in TV and radio that led to the opportunity to host a golf-themed show
[16:00] How "The Golf Club Radio Show" came into existence and the people who helped make it happen
[20:00] Tucker shares what motivates her to energetically continue creating a weekly show after 25 years
[25:00] The disparity in prize money between the PGA and LPGA tours and what can be learned from professional tennis
[26:10] Tucker talks about the challenges and the opportunities of being a woman in the golf media, living in Hawaii
[31:20] The power of surrounding yourself with positive people, which leads to a conversation about a previous guest, instructor Claude Brousseau
[33:00] Tucker shares her perspective on how recovery from the devastating fire in Lahaina on Maui is impacting daily life, tourism and golf


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