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Embrace a "give first" mindset to start a business, then scale

Gary Guerrero Jr. joins host Colin Weston to discuss how he laid the foundation for his two companies — Lag Shot Golf and Scratch Golf Academy — and what he learned along the way

Gary Guerrero Jr. has built several successful golf businesses off the foundation of his marketing acumen. His simple and effective formula? Put all your energy into a product until it scales beyond your imagination. Then leverage those learnings and that audience to create the next venture.

Guerrero, founder of Lag Shot Golf and Scratch Golf Academy, joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss his personal journey, his companies and a "give first" entrepreneurial mindset.

[3:05] Gary Guerrero Jr.'s first golf experience and the person who introduced him to the game
[6:15] How one of Guerrero's products, Lag Shot Golf, cut his handicap from 9 to 5
[7:45] Guerrero shares his entrepreneneurial backstory that starts with his first business at 6 years old
[14:20] How Guerrero launched GGG Marketing in 2010 with encouragement from his dying father
[17:15] Switching the GGG business model from website design, SEO and marketing to coaching, and landing a tennis coach as the first sport client by creating online training videos
[19:20] After meeting PGA instructor Adam Bazalgette, Guerrero switched his business model to solely focus on the golf industry
[20:55] How Guerrero's first golf venture, Golf Fanatics, poured the foundation for the two successful businesses he currently runs
[22:45] The Customer Value Ladder that Guerrero applies to both Scratch Golf Academy and Lag Shot Golf
[28:00] Guerrero's "give first" mindset and building community on Instagram with @golfentrepreneur
[35:25] The execution of Scratch Golf Academy in 2015 and Lag Shot Golf in 2020
[40:10] Rapid prototyping and the product design process that led to the commercialization of Lag Shot Golf


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