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MyGolfSpy: Becoming the Consumer Reports of the golf industry

MyGolfSpy founder Adam Beach joins host Colin Weston to share his motivation for creating the website that offers unbiased golf equipment reviews

Adam Beach's motivation for creating MyGolfSpy was simple: Consumers first, companies second.

"The golf consumer saw that someone was fighting for them, which is exactly why MyGolfSpy became successful," said Beach, the website's founder. "We put the consumer first and the companies last. I don't care about the corporations, I care about the golfer and how they spend their hard-earned money."

"The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston sits down with Beach to learn about how the website is empowering golf consumers with honest, unbiased product reviews.

[3:00] Adam Beach talks about his first golf experience
[5:00] Beach's background and experience that led to the creation of MyGolfSpy
[9:25] The MyGolfSpy aha moment, its business strategy and the first release of the platform
[13:30] How the name MyGolfSpy came to be
[15:30] MyGolfSpy's business model and how it generates revenue
[21:35] How MyGolfSpy tests equipment and the story of their first testing lab
[25:30] How MyGolfSpy acquires equipment so its testing and reviews remain unbiased
[28:20] The evolution of MyGolfSpy reviews to position the messaging for various golf consumer groups
[31:00] Discovering the diverse demographics of the MyGolfSpy audience and how it connects with each of them
[33:30] Who are the MyGolfSpy equipment testers?
[35:05] The MyGolfSpy Most Wanted awards and why they were created


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