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What is your superpower?

Amy Bockerstette and her father Joe join host Colin Weston to discuss her viral moment at the WM Phoenix Open and how that led to her I Got This Foundation

Golf fans were introduced to Amy Bockerstette, a competitive golfer with Down syndrome, when she played a practice round with Gary Woodland and Matt Kuchar at the 2019 WM Phoenix Open. At the par-3 17th hole, Bockerstette hit her tee shot 117 yards into a greenside bunker, splashed her sand shot to within 8 feet of the pin, and then made her par putt.

Bockerstette's exploits went viral. She formed a friendship with Woodland. And she became an advocate for those with intellectual disabilities, starting the I Got This Foundation with her father Joe.

Amy and Joe Bockerstette join "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss Amy's rise to prominence and how she has used her story and success to benefit others.

[2:40] Amy Bockerstette's introduction to golf, how old she was and who helped make it happen
[4:40] How The I Got This Foundation was born from Bockerstette's experience at the 2019 WM Phoenix Open
[8:00] Joe Bockerstette shares what happened after Amy made her par at the Phoenix Open
[9:25] Amy and Joe Bockerstette talk about the friendship that blossomed with PGA Tour player Gary Woodland
[12:25] The decision to start and the effort needed to build the I Got This Foundation
[15:35] Bockerstette's "superpowers" and her speaking engagements in support of neurodiverse people
[18:15] Bockerstette's "Superpower Club," her favorite shot type and the most memorable shots she has hit
[20:40] Who's in Bockerstette's dream foursome
[22:00] Future goals and aspirations for Bockerstette and the I Got This Foundation
[25:50] How society has changed its perception regarding what people like Amy Bockerstette can accomplish
[26:50] "Amy's Village" and the community surrounding her with support and encouragement


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