The ModGolf Podcast

Creating a new type of golf

T36 Golf is flipping the script on traditional golf and redefining the sport for a new generation of golfers

T36 Golf co-founders David Hinkle and Rio Valeriano join "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to share how their double loop design delivers a full 18-hole game experience with a smaller environmental footprint and shorter playtime.

[3:00]: How and when Rio Valeriano and David Hinkle were introduced to golf
[8:00]: How Hinkle and Valeriano met each other and the aha moment that started T36 Golf
[11:30]: Valeriano shares the "Dinarita" cocktail story that occurred at a Key Largo, Florida, bar that led to meeting the right person at the right time
[15:00]: How and why they decided to build the first T36 Golf course in Baytown, Texas
[21:10]: The concept of a double loop course layout is explained
[26:00]: Course design considerations to ensure that the playing experience is fast, safe and fun
[28:00]: Target demographics and how T36 Golf takes a Blue Ocean Strategy approach to its business model
[34:20]: The branding exercise and how the co-founders landed on the name T36 Golf
[37:30]: The importance of supporting youth golf at T36 Golf and Troon
[39:30]: How T36 Golf created a community gathering place for the people of Baytown
[42:00]: Amplifying the customer experience through the restaurant, menu and lounge design
[44:30]: Future expansion plans for the T36 Golf brand


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