The ModGolf Podcast

Turning a homemade golf game into a global business

Tyler Simmons, CEO and founder of BucketGolf, joins host Colin Weston to share the story of his creation

Several years ago, Tyler Simmons was watching as his roommate threw clothes into a pop-up laundry hamper. It got him to thinking and eventually it led to the creation of BucketGolf.

Simmons, founder and CEO, joins The ModGolf Podcast host Colin Weston to share how he created a portable and fun golf game for any age and skill level.

[3:10]: How and when Tyler Simmons was introduced to golf
[4:20]: The a-ha moment that led to the creation of BucketGolf 
[6:50]: What it's like to play BucketGolf and set up a course 
[9:55]: Simmons shares stories of the most amazing BucketGolf shots he has seen 
[10:50]: Learning about the BucketGolf ball and clubs 
[12:45]: How BucketGolf opens the game up to people who have never played before 
[13:40]: The story behind the brand name BucketGolf 
[14:40]: How BucketGolf Glow allows people to play at night 
[16:30]: Simmons discusses why his company decided to attend the PGA Show and the value it provided 
[18:50]: BucketGolf's B2B marketing strategy to sell to businesses, schools and organizations 
[20:20]: Simmons' background and experience before launching BucketGolf 
[21:10]: Steps and sequencing Simmons took to design and manufacture the orginal BucketGolf product 
[23:00]: The design pivot Simmons took that changed the pricing and sales volume for BucketGolf 
[25:50]: The BucketGolf manufacturing process 
[29:00]: The power of partnerships to accelerate BucketGolf's growth 
[31:00]: BucketGolf tournaments, events and social media content creation 
[32:40]: The best user-created BucketGolf courses that Simmons has seen


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