The ModGolf Podcast

Applying a tech startup mindset to innovate golf club design

PXG chief product officer Brad Schweigert joins host Colin Weston for a masterclass in product innovation and entrepreneurship

Sometimes it takes leaving your comfort zone and taking a leap of faith to realize full potential. PXG chief product officer Brad Schweigert joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss product innovation and the concept of entrepreneurship.

[1:50]: Brad Schweigert's first golf experience and who introduced him to the game
[3:00]: How Schweigert's education as a mechanical engineer led him to a career in golf club design
[5:00]: The creation of PXG and how founder Bob Parsons incentivized both Mike Nicolette and Schweigert to leave Ping to join his quest to make the world's best golf clubs
[9:30]: The culture Parson created at PXG by giving Schweigert and Nicolette an open budget and schedule to design and create innovative golf clubs
[14:00]: Schweigert discusses PXG's iterative design process, rapid prototyping and mistakes made that led to material and design breakthroughs
[16:30]: Schweigert talks about material elasticity and how that informs club impact, energy transfer and forgiveness
[20:40]: The different club lines that span the spectrum of 14 handicappers like host Colin Weston to PXG staff pros like Christina Kim
[24:00]: How Parsons' experience as a rifleman in the Marine Corps has influenced the club numbering at PXG
[26:00]: The culture at PXG that combines passion, fun and the entrepreneurial spirit
[28:00]: PXG's core philosophy as the company expands it product lines
[30:30]: The future for PXG and where its looks to be in 10 years as the company expands its distribution centers and fitting partners
[33:00]: PXG designs that didn't work out and what was learned from the fails


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