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Co-founder and CEO Jared Solomon joins host Colin Weston to discuss how Five Iron Golf emerged from the back room of a clothing store

Five Iron Golf CEO Jared Solomon joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to share how he and three other co-founders built a successful indoor golf entertainment business starting from the back room of a Manhattan men's clothing store.

[3:20]: How and when Jared Solomon was introduced to golf 
[4:40]: The Five Iron Golf origin story
[7:15]: Solomon explains how he and the three other co-founders mustered up the courage to launch Five Iron Golf
[10:10]: The story behind the first Five Iron Golf location opening in mid-town Manhattan
[12:50]: How Five Iron Golf creates experiences for both the casual and passionate golfer without alienating either one of the groups
[16:15]: "We want our Five Iron locations to look like modern art museums," says Solomon, who discusses the company's design guidelines and how grafitti art became the focal point for its brand vision
[19:10]: How Five Iron Golf finds and hires artists to collaborate at each of its venues around the U.S.
[20:45]: Selection of the Five Iron Golf name and logo design
[23:40]: How Five Iron Golf scaled from one location to 25 and counting
[26:50]: Solomon's thoughts on starting a company and when to bring in outside investment
[28:10]: Franchising versus the ownership model for venue locations
[29:30]: Mistakes made along the way and what the leadership team has learned from them
[32:50]: The power of partnering and collaborating with golf brands and influencers
[34:10]: What the future has in store for Five Iron Golf


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