The ModGolf Podcast

Reimagining how distressed golf courses can survive, then thrive

Get Golfing sales manager Nick Darby joins host Colin Weston to discuss how the nonprofit is revolutionizing the golf experience


The mission for Get Golfing, a United Kingdom nonprofit, is to "save as many courses as we can, to keep golf flourishing," says Nick Darby, sales manager for the company. He joins "The ModGolf Podcast" host Colin Weston to discuss how his organization is changing the game.

[3:40] Nick Darby provides an overview of what Get Golfing does and why
[5:15]: How and when Darby was introduced to golf and who invited him
[6:25]: The story of the aha moment and launch of Get Golfing
[8:20]: How Get Golfing founder Edward Richardson acquired Redlibbets Golf Club in Kent, England
[10:15]: How during the pandemic Get Golfing went from operating one golf course to seven
[13:10]: Using Redlibbets and the non-profit test case, which led to tripling the club membership
[30:50]: The Festival of Golf ... August 2024 ... three-day Ladies European Tour Access Series event ... Night Golf, a Golf Sixes event
[32:00]: Hosting the first global Ladies Disabled Golf Tournament
[39:40]: Darby discusses the future of Get Golfing


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