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Are relationships the new currency?

Ty DeLavallade, founder of Deuce Premium, a golf and lifestyle accessories brand, joins 'The ModGolf Podcast' to discuss how he went about building his Black-owned business


Ty DeLavallade admittedly didn't have the financial capital to Deuce Premium, his golf and lifestyle accessories brands, but he challenged himself.

"But I have teeth to cut in the steak and I have the resources and access to the golf industry because I've been in golf for twelve years now. I can figure something out," he said.

DeLavallade joins host Colin Weston to talk about how he started his Black-owned business.

"I did some research to find out what other Black-owned businesses are there out there," he said. "To be fair, I didn't find any. I decided that night was I going to call it Deuce and did not know what the logo was going to look like, but I wanted to somehow leave a legacy for my son. I've called him Deuce since he was three. It's a cool name.

"What I realized was that when you're building a company, you're really building a tribe. You're really building a support group around you of people who are proud to wear the hat because it's cool brand. They wear it because of the quality. Whatever it is, I'm OK with that.”

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