Vortex Rain Check

Forecast: April 2024

Vortex Rain Insurance reports that the start of the golf season throughout most of the United States will be something of a mixed bag in terms of weather conditions


April marks the beginning of golf season in many corners of the U.S. Here’s what golf operators need to know about projected rainfall totals and weather’s impact on playable days as the season kicks off.

> Courses across the southern tier extending into the Mid-Atlantic are still expected to have wetter conditions through April, though Florida and northern/central Texas may start drying out based on weather patterns observed in similar years of 1998, 2010 and 2016.

> Most likely, conditions in the Great Lakes region, Upper Midwest and into New England will be the driest and will allow for a few more playable days if temperatures cooperate.

> Clubs in the West can expect to follow the wet south/dry north pattern observed in the years of 1998, 2010, and 2016 that experienced similar rainfall trends due to the El Nino effect.

> Golf facilities located in the Rockies and the Northern/Central Plains have seen wetter conditions in similar years, so operators, be aware.

> Since November, El Nino has taken Louisiana and Mississippi courses from being in the worst category of drought to no drought at all. Look for a relatively dry start to the season in this region.

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