Vortex Rain Check

Forecast: May 2024

Vortex Rain Insurance believes that spring's early rainfall totals are comparable to six other previous years, including 2020


Heading into May, we’re looking at other factors beyond recent El Nino weather patterns to evaluate the likelihood of playable days throughout the country. Based on the amount of early spring rainfall recorded so far in 2024, we’re now bringing in 1980, as well as 1998, 2003, 2010, 2016 and 2020 as comparison years.

> Based on these similar years, many clubs east of the Mississippi may see wetter than normal conditions, but look for clubs in New England and southern Florida to remain slightly dry.

> The Plains and Texas were also quite dry in our comparison years. This could add some playable days to the schedule, but would intensify drought conditions from Iowa through Kansas and into New Mexico.

> For clubs west of the Rockies, be prepared for wetter than normal conditions, except on the coasts of Washington and Oregon.

> Golf courses in Southern California and into Arizona typically receive little rain in May, but this is not always the case as some of the comparison years did have substantial rain. In other words, the wet season may not be over yet in those areas.

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