Golf helps spur active lifestyle stocks in 2021

Publicly traded golf manufacturers and retailers assisted in making last year a robust one for the active lifestyle space

Titleist Golf Ball Landscape

Companies in the active lifestyle space appeared to have fared well during 2021, based on a review of 79 stocks tracked by SGB Executive.

Golf companies more than held their own, and it looks like the retailers fared the best as activity-based sales and the impacts of changing lifestyles and work-from-home flexibility are becoming permanent as consumers still gear up.

Manufacturers in golf, completely invested in golf and not benefitting from as much diversification as the retailers across all outdoor sports, still performed well in double-digit stock price increases.

Supply-chain backlogs potentially left 20% of the opportunity on the table if the manufacturers could have had endless inventories of product to move into the marketplace in 2021.

From an entertainment perspective, Drive Shack, an owner and operator of golf-related leisure and large-format entertainment venues connected to golf, struggled, its stock dropping 30.1% year-over-year ending Jan. 3, 2022.

Perhaps it's the company's short time in the market and the COVID impacts on people's social lives that is the reason for the company’s struggles. Until social activities totally open up again Drive Shack likely won't be able to demonstrate that golf can grow off course as much as it has on course since the start of the pandemic.

Following is a snapshot of how stock prices for companies with a golf presence performed per share for the period Dec. 31, 2020-2021.

Acushnet: Up 27.6% to $52.18
Adidas AG: Down 21.3% to $144.00
Callaway: Up 14.2% to $27.73
Nike: Up 17.8% to $141.47
Under Armour: Up 42.4% to $21.19

Academy Sports and Outdoors: Up 108% to $44.21
Big 5 Sporting Goods: Up 97.8% to $20.10
Dick's Sporting Goods: Up 104% to $114.55

Drive Shack: Down 30.1% to $1.65