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Andy Walker eyes a 'Wakanda for golf'

The fourth episode in a 'The ModGolf Podcast' series celebrating Black History Month features Walker, director of the UGA Academy and Player Development

UGA Screenshot

To celebrate Black History Month, "The ModGolf Podcast" is airing a series of episodes that showcase Black golf innovators who are making a difference. 

Host Colin Weston is joined by Andy Walker, director of the United Golfers Association Academy and Player Development, who discusses how the UGA is creating opportunities for young Black golfers.

"When we talk about creating the 'Wakanda for golf,' we're referring to Black Panther, which was such a hit for people of color because for the first time there's a hero that looks like us," Walker said. "Now talented young black golfers are going to be inspired by seeing people that look and talk like them, who are competing, practicing and grinding on their game."

This episode originally aired on April 10, 2021. 

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