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Jim Beatty taking 'next steps' for game's trailblazers

The fifth episode in a 'The ModGolf Podcast' series celebrating Black History Month features Beatty, executive editor of African American Golfer’s Digest

Jim Beatty

To celebrate Black History Month, "The ModGolf Podcast" is airing a series of episodes that showcase Black golf innovators who are making a difference.

Host Colin Weston is joined by Jim Beatty, executive editor of African American Golfer’s Digest, who discusses how he is helping make golf more welcoming and equitable for minorities and under-represented communities.

"I'm fueled by the fact that so many people came before me like Charlie Sifford, Lee Elder, Althea Gibson, Teddy Rhodes, Renée Powell," Beatty said. "What they had to endure makes what I'm doing just not that hard. It's time consuming true, but I have to take the next steps and recognize the great people. People that blazed a trail — both black and white — that stood up, took a position, maintained it and created change."

This episode originally aired on Feb. 24, 2022. 

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